A “#” TAG represents a thought, brand or item in certain online communities like #myTAG.com

Responsive myTAG


myTAG.com connects buyers & sellers online with an innovative user interface!

We create a unique, local, virtual and visually stimulating environment with safe, transparent, credible and verified social identities for selling and buying of goods – free of fees.*



Access #myTAG.com on any platform through the web, or mobile app!



#TAG your video with your language. Find out who you can speak to!


image and upc

A #wishTAG can be enhanced with photos, images, animated gifs, UPC codes and ISBN numbers to broadcast the things you wish to have or buy.


#myTAG members can create #sellTAGs that are then optimized and filtered by our state-of-the-art user interface which then connects #sellTAGs with matching #wishTAGs.



Use our mobile application you can #Scan #UPC or #ISBN codes and add them to your #sellTAG or #wishTAG!  With our built in scanner, adding item details through scanning, will save you time and money. 

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