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TAGs are fun to create and better than other ways to sell items on ecommerce platforms. First, you can simply input a UPC or ISBN code for most items and have your description and a photo filled in for you. How’s that for a time saver? Then you can add two more photos and improve your depiction to make it as appealing and realistic as possible. Add hashtags and/or keywords to help people search for it easily, too. But it gets better: you can make a VIDEO! That’s right! Pitch your product, show it off in its real state and highlight its features – surely you can make it sell that much faster. Your gem might go viral if you post it to Facebook or Twitter, which you can on myTAG, and you’ll be a 15-minute of fame Tarantino. Imagine that! So go ahead – create a TAG today and watch your item fly away in no time!
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